Shot Breakdown

Shot Breakdown #1

Shot breakdown of one of the shots from the film. 2D animation made entirely in photoshop, frame by frame. Glued together in After Effects.

Shot Breakdown #2

Another breakdown of a shot from our film Kintsugi. We developed this style of animation with our previous film, Moon Melody.  We used that initial process to springboard to what we ended up using for the final film style. A much more extensive process but for a much higher quality of work.

Shot Breakdown # 3

I wanted a close-up, beautifully lit, intimate film. I was deeply inspired by city-light photography and windows of light in busy urban places. My number one hurdle was that I did not have the capabilities to make this a 3D film. I consulted with my team, Loretta Keresen and Quinn Blackshere, and after tossing some ideas around we decided on a highly-rendered, highly-realistic hand-painted film, with a focus in lighting and the illusion of camera motion.

Visual Development


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