I wanted to make a mini series based on social media trends that lives only in 10-30 second episodes. "Sodee Pop on the Rocks" exudes a lively and nostalgic tone, capturing the essence of 1950s humor and charm coupled with modern trends. The mood is both heartwarming and uproariously comedic as viewers follow the escapades of Sodee Pops, a struggling bartender navigating the vibrant urban landscape. The series strikes a delicate balance between the challenges of financial hardship and the pursuit of happiness, infusing each 30-second episode with quick-witted dialogue, visual gags, and endearing characters. The 1950s setting adds a layer of retro flair, with a vibrant color palette, iconic props, and a playful animation style that transports audiences to an era of jukeboxes, classic diners, and quirky encounters. Overall, "Sodee Pop on the Rocks" promises a delightful and entertaining experience, blending laughter and sentiment in a bite-sized format perfect for social media.

Episode 01


Pops is not feeling on top of his game but a little hang with his pal (along with some juice) changes his perspective on life.

Episode 2

Sodee Pops On The Rocks - Always time for coffee

Pops is late for work but there is always enough time to stop for coffee.

Episode 3

Sodee Pops On The Rocks - Every time

Pops goes for a run. 

Episode 4

Sodee Pops On The Rocks - Liquid Courage

Pops can sometimes be very shy in situations such as dancing, thankfully, after a sip of courage, he comes out of his shell.

Episode 4

Sodee Pops On The Rocks - Introverts + Overhead lighting

Pops turns on the overhead lighting in an introverts house.


In the heart of the bustling city, a down-and-out bartender faces the absurdity of everyday life as he navigates the challenges of being perpetually broke. With a blend of humor and heart, join him on a rollercoaster of hilarious misadventures and quirky encounters that make up his uniquely chaotic slice of life.

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